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Do you know what makes our PLN so great? We are a community of educators who believe in sharing our work so that it can benefit others. The purpose of this wiki is to serve as a repository for presentations that we have created. The idea for this wiki was born after Beth Still (@bethstill) and Steven Anderson (@web20classroom) exchanged a few direct messages in which they shared some presentations they had created on different topics. They began discussing how great it would be if there was a central location where people in their PLN could share their presentations. Since they did not know of any place on the web that existed to serve this purpose, they decided to create one.


This wiki will only work if there are people out there who are willing to share their presentations. Please only use the presentations in this wiki if you plan on sharing something that you have created. We will work on the honors system. If you want to take a presentation then please add one. If you want to share a presentation and it does not fit into any of the pages that currently exist then please feel free to create a new page. Just make sure you add it to the sidebar so others can locate it.


This wiki is intended to serve as a place to house presentations and outlines of presentations. Please only add or link to presentations that you have created.


Let's build this thing!


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Michele said

at 12:21 pm on Oct 13, 2009

What a wonderful idea! I will have to share this with my fellow grad students. We are in our last full semester of Technology in Education/Computers, and there are some wonderfully creative people among us.

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